Let's start
The New Velvet Revolution!
October 20th
in Prague 2018

The Declaration

The European Union is not working.

It is failing to deliver to the wishes, needs and aspirations of its people.
All the time, the European Union concentrates power, removing it from the Member States.
This is unnecessary and undemocratic.

The European Union builds an overregulated market which unnecessarily reduces European competitiveness in world markets. This threatens the standard of living of all EU citizens in the long-term.

The European Union promotes uniformity and ‘one-size-fits all’ where diversification and plurality should prevail.

The European Union is not meaningfully democratic: it is impossible for ordinary people to have any real influence on EU decision-making as all policies emerge from a centralised bureaucracy. The European Union deliberately disregards the will, opinions and wishes of citizens, justifying this with the same argument as all authoritarian regimes:

”We know what is good for you, and we will therefore order you to do it.”

Growing numbers of people believe this simply cannot go on. Continuing this model of European cooperation will inevitably lead to crisis aer crisis and, finally, disintegration.

The Czechoslovak “velvet” division of the country was peaceful and successful. The European Union is simply not thinking this way. There are no EU plans which can deliver a peaceful constructive way forward.

We call therefore for genuine cooperation between all European states, based on free and democratic decision-making.

We have to find a ways to:

• eliminate damaging consequences,

• build a positive, cooperative approach,

• restore mutual respect, democracy, sovereignty and fair competition,

• deliver the rule of law with true equality before the law,

• strengthen common security,

• protect the freedom of every European state.

Our common goal is to find, for the European continent, a better way forward, one which oers the road to a free future.

There is another way!

Do you want better Europe? Do you want stronger Europe?
There are another ways than the EU. And the transition can be velvety.
Everybody who wants to support The Alternative no matter what his political views are can
join because we follow a common goal.
You can express support to The Alternative by signing the declaration Road To a Free Future.
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The Alternative.

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We are a group of MEPs that are unsatisfied with the current situation of the European Union. And not only that – we are able to change it for the better with you support.